Building Energy Modelling

 Energy Modelling Services:
  • Building Design Optimization
  • LEED Energy Modelling
  • LEED 3rd Party Reviews
  • Building Code Compliance (BCBC, OBC)
  • Municipal Building Permit Applications
  • BC Hydro NC Program Incentives
  • Toronto Green Development Standard Modelling


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YVR Schematic


Building energy models are required for LEED certification, building code compliance, and meeting municipal energy efficiency standards, however, the real value in energy modeling lies in design optimization to ensure the building performs as efficiently as possible; it is a delicate balance between the design requirements, functionality, time and budget constraints.


We understand how buildings actually operate. They frequently do so under less than ideal conditions, and there is often a large disconnect between what a model can assume, and how the building will actually perform. Thus, an energy modelling exercise is only as useful as the knowledge of the mechanic running the program.

Let us optimize your building by reducing building loads, evaluating proper zoning to prevent simultaneous heating and cooling, and improving the mechanical systems and plant selection.



Looking for an energy modeller or energy model reviewer?

P3 Energy is listed by the CaGBC as an approved LEED modeller and LEED model reviewer through CaGBC’s Experienced Modellers List.  We are approved to complete energy simulations without the need for third party verification, saving our clients in extra LEED certification costs and are qualified to complete 3rd party model reviews done by outside consultants.


P3 Energy is also  an approved modeller through the BC Hydro Powersmart New-Construction Incentive Program. BC Hydro will cover our energy modelling fees for qualifying high performance projects, and provide capital cost incentives to owners and developers for an energy efficient building.  Contact us today to see if your project will qualify for BC Hydro incentives.




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