Sustainable Design

 Sustainable Design Services:
  • Sustainability Master Planning
  • LEED Feasibility Studies
  • LEED Concept Design, documentation
  • LEED Shadow Projects
  • Toronto Green Development Standard
  • Toronto Waterfront



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Where practicality meets sustainability. We provide pathways to sustainable design via LEED feasibility studies, LEED shadowing, implementation, and sustainable master planning projects while keeping site of functional design goals and recommend the most suitable sustainability practices for a given project.


Prior to pursuing LEED certification, it is advisable to conduct a feasibility study to fully understand the costs and credits the project should pursue.  P3 Energy specializes in outlining a LEED checklist for projects in or nearing concept design and providing cost estimates to pursue and achieve certification. We also specialize in any energy and water related LEED implementation/documentation including Energy Modelling, Water Use Reduction, Refrigerant Management, On-Site Renewable Energy, M&V, Indoor Air Quality (ASHRAE 62 compliance), and Thermal Comfort (ASHRAE 55 compliance).



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