Energy Planning

Energy Planning Services:
  • Energy planning for industry, corporations, communities, and cities
  • GHG & Carbon Accounting and Strategy
  • Technical and Economical Analysis of Energy Systems
  • Community Energy Planning
  • Energy Mapping




Renewable Maryland











Strategic energy planning for industry partners, communities, and urban areas. We help our clients understand what end-uses consume the most energy and provide energy consumption forecasts. This analysis is vital to providing a road map of where your energy and emissions growth is occurring and ultimately where it can be curtailed to reduce energy costs and GHG emissions.


Renewable Maryland (IEER)

Renewable Maryland is a two-tiered project with a goal of developing and implementing policies that are necessary to establish a fully renewable (CO2 emissions-free) efficient energy sector in Maryland by 2050. P3 is currently the technical QC/QA reviewer for a model completed by IEER. You can learn more about the Renewable Maryland project here. You can learn more about The Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IEER) here.



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